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To 90 cms. Pure white silky petals and golden stamens. Lovely in damp shady corner in rich, organic soil. Occasionally produces a plant with blue petals. Winter dormant.
Price: $8.00
The hairy leaves are silver grey and the flowers are pure white with a deep purple stigma. Late spring frosts may affect flower development. Winter dormant. Damp shady borders and woodland areas. Dig deeply and add plenty of humus rich and lime free compost or well rotted farm manure into top layers of soil. Avoid competition from tree roots. Water consistently in spring during active growth periods. Some wind shelter is best.

Price: $7.50
To 30 cms. Lovely forget-me-not, white flowers in spring and dark green leaves. Ground cover for shady border or beneath trees.  Winter dormant.
Price: $8.00
Penstemon 'Rubicundus'
To 70 cms. Dark-leaved variety, bearing trumpet-shaped and very large, red flowers with a prominent white throat. Attracts bumblebees. Sun/part shade, well drained soil. 
Price: $9.00
Pinellia tripartita
To 30 cms. Moist well-drained soil part/full shade. Yellowish-green flower. Resembles a dwarf Arisaema with large, extending green spathes and an elongated spadix that emerges from the spathe and extends 20 cms up into the air. Woodland garden, rock garden. Winter dormant.
Price: $9.00
(Variegated Solomons Seal). To 60 cms. Graceful, arching maroon stems lined with white-edged foliage. Stems useful in flower arrangements. Cream flowers are small dangling bells mostly hidden under the long arches of large leaves. Shade, moist humousy soil. Dormant in winter.
Price: $8.00
Polygonatum hookerii
Tiny Solomon’s Seal. To 10 cms. Creeping, slowly spreading perennial with upright stems. Solitary, erect, pale to deep pink short tubed flowers late spring/early summer Very cute!. Sun/part shade, moist soil. Winter dormant.
Price: $8.00
Potentilla argyrophylla 'Golden Starlit'
Easy to grow. To 30 cms in height. .Pretty yellow flowers during the summer. Attractive silvery green foliage
Price: $8.00
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